Oreo cookie dough bites

No-Bake Oreo Cookie Dough Bites

I say this loud and proud, these no-bake Oreo cookie dough bites are not healthful by any means, but they are worthy, especially if you are an Oreo lover. This was a fun recipe to develop and truthfully, I did it for my son who loves my eggless chocolate chip cookie dough bites (and Oreos) […]

apricot-almond breakfast bars

Apricot-Almond Breakfast Bars

My love of apricot is no secret. Nor is it a surprise (at least for those that know me) that at 47, I still don’t consider myself a morning person. Not at all, but I’ve accepted it. With kids, this can be challenging. This is a recipe for apricot-almond breakfast bars that I created for […]

cowboy power bites

Cowboy “Cookie” Power Bites

I’ve always had a fascination with cowboys. But being raised a city kid, I’m not exactly sure why or how. I’ve never actually met a real cowboy; only the want-to-be’s. The family ranch vacation where you actually become a cowboy/girl for the week is on my list of things to do, but somehow my fear […]

cranberry nut energy bites

Whole Grain Cranberry Nut Energy Bites

Power bites and power bars continue to fascinate me. I have been enjoying various types, and so has my family. Honestly, you can’t go wrong if you are trying to come up with an option in your own apartment or house; just let your flavor preference guide you. These are my latest. These are cranberry […]

coconut-fig chunks of energy

Coconut-Fig Chunks Of Energy, Because Anna Asked

If there is one culinary trend from the last year that I kept spotting, it is the popularity of power snacks. Easy, small, no-bake, healthful bites, balls, bars, and chunks of food for quick snacking.  My good friend from college introduced me to these tasty treats, and I’ve been gobbling them ever since.  I’ve developed […]

power bars

Easy Quinoa And Oat No-Bake Breakfast Power Bars

It’s a terrible habit, but there are many days I don’t eat breakfast. In fairness, I’m not super hungry first thing in the morning.  In a perfect world, I would probably eat breakfast at 10 am; but life is busy and that’s not going to happen.  For my boys, who always get up super early, […]

energy power bites

Renewable Energy, Power Bites Part II

Post-holiday, an energy power bite may be just what we all need.  I read an article recently referring to trendy, nutrient-packed energy bars and bites referred to as “renewable energy.”  I like that: it’s catchy and on point.  My previous blog about Protein Power Bites was so popular, I felt a follow-up was due, especially […]

power bites

Protein Power Bites

Power bars, protein snacks, and energy drinks are all some of the products you see on store shelves selling “power” and “energy.”  Don’t be deceived: most don’t have either; many are not healthy; and most of us avoid equating sugar with energy.  A good friend of mine from college, a marathon runner, a mom of […]

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