chicken with wild rice

Cast Iron Chicken with Wild Rice

The colder months settle in, there’s nothing quite like a comforting and satisfying meal to warm the soul. This cast iron chicken with wild rice is just what you’ve been missing. A simple, yet hearty dish, that embodies the true essence of comfort food. This recipe brings together succulent, perfectly seasoned roast chicken and flavorful […]

butter chicken

Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani)

Butter chicken, also known as “murgh makhana”, is the most searched Indian dish on the internet. And I get it. Like chicken Tikka Masala, butter chicken is considered one of the most popular, cross-continental Indian dishes throughout the world, even in places you would least expect it. This is not surprising at all. Tender, golden […]

chicken protein salad

Chopped Chicken Protein Salad

This is not a health blog, and not everything I eat is healthy. I can own that. Good health for me is all about moderation. I eat everything, but it’s balanced and I eat a lot of salads. I am a big believer in “eating the rainbow“. All those brightly colored vegetables offer amazing nutrients […]

zucchini rolls

Chicken Sausage, Ricotta Zucchini Rolls

Are you a carb counter? No judgment if you are, I know many. While I don’t classify myself as one, I have certainly become much more aware of carbs over the years. I still believe in having it all in moderation, and with that comes choices. And I can’t lie, I really like pasta. But […]

cast iron chicken with potatoes

Cast Iron Chicken With Potatoes

Winner winner chicken dinner. Can anyone ever have enough chicken recipes? Here is a fantastic one and one that has been on repeat in my house for some time now. But before I tell you why I love this dish so much, I need to offer a little back story on this popular phrase that […]

crispy chicken Cobb salad

Crispy Chicken Cobb Salad With Buttermilk Dressing

The Cobb salad is an American classic and one of the first salads I was introduced to as a kid. It was, and still remains, the perfect salad. A Cobb is a beautiful, bountiful salad representing a symphony of flavors and textures. Eating a Cobb salad is never a chore, but rather a culinary experience. […]

butterflied roast chicken

Butterflied Roast Chicken

A simple roast chicken is a technique that everyone should master, but it’s not easy. One of the first things they teach you in culinary school is that the test of a good chef (or restaurant) can be determined by their roast chicken and not their most elaborate dish. I’m totally serious. And I’ve tested this […]

Copycat Chick-Fil-A sandwich

Copycat Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich

This is my copycat Chick-fil-A sandwich recipe that my boys begged me to develop. They are new to the whole Chick-fil-A following, but they fell fast and hard for this American favorite and to be honest, I totally understand why. Chick-fil-A’s history goes way back to the 1940’s, when it’s founder S. Truett Cathy first […]

caramelized onion roast chicken

Caramelized Onion Roast Chicken

Winner, winner chicken dinner, you know the phase, this is the dish; caramelized onion roast chicken. This takes simple, inexpensive chicken meal to a whole new playing field. One dish, one hour, one pan, seriously, what’s not to love. Similar to a sheet pan dinner, skillet dinners are just as fast and simple. And although we […]

chicken piccata

Chicken Piccata

Chicken is a go-to dinner option for most of us. But chicken gets boring. The good news is, there are thousands of different things one can do with chicken, many that are easy and flavorful, you just need to implement it and mix it into to your repertoire. And chicken piccata is one of those […]

Coq au Vin

Coq au Vin

Coq au Vin is a classic French dish of which Burgundy, Alsace, Champagne and Auvergne all claim paternity, it is also an absolute favorite of mine on a cold winter night. Where Did Coq au Vin Come From? According to various legends, Coq au Vin can be traced back to Julius Caesar and conquest of Gaul. […]

pot pie

Pot Pie

I love a great homemade pot pie, always have, always will. Pot pies were something I grew up eating. But at my age, they are now considered an indulgent treat. My whole family loves these savory pot pies and who can blame them, they are a rich comfort food that’s perfect on a cold winter […]

slow roasted pork burritos

Slow Roasted Pork Burritos With Pineapple Salsa

Sometimes you find things in the least expected places. Like killer burritos in Denmark. Sounds crazy I know, but it’s true. Some readers follow me on Instagram, if you do, you may already know what I’m talking about. While visiting Copenhagen last Spring, my boys and I stumbled across delicious slow roasted pork burritos at […]

Bulgogi pork

Bulgogi Pork

Bulgogi is one of Korea’s most well-known and loved barbecue dishes, typically featuring thin slices of beef that have marinated for hours and been grilled to perfection. The reason for the long marinating time is to allow the flavors to be absorbed, creating an extremely flavorful, tender meat so appealing to the senses, that you […]

Chicken with orzo

Skillet Chicken With Orzo And Pesto

Skillets are amazing things. Considered trendy now, they have been an intricate part of kitchens for many years. The first known use of cast iron cookware dates all the way back to the Han Dynasty in China, around 220 A.D.  By the 16th century, casting techniques became widespread in Europe, and quickly thereafter this versatile […]

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