raspberry-pecan Linzer cookies

Raspberry-Pecan Linzer Cookies

We’ve waited all year and it’s finally here, cookie season! And with that, it’s time to indulge in the sweet and nostalgic flavors that define this festive time of year. And what better way to celebrate than with raspberry-pecan Linzer cookies? These are a modern take on a classic cookie that has been enjoyed for […]

chocolate-pecan mandel bread

Chocolate-Pecan Mandel Bread

Mandel bread, also known as Mandelbrot, is a traditional twice-baked Jewish cookie similar to biscotti. Like biscotti, Mandel bread is crunchy, however, it’s made with more fat than biscotti, so the resulting cookie is a bit richer and less dry. These cookies were popular throughout the 19th century among Eastern European Jews, often consumed by […]

matcha-coconut tea cookies

Matcha-Coconut Tea Cookies

Most who read my blog already know I’m a cookie fanatic. These matcha-coconut tea cookies are my latest and when I say make, eat, and repeat, I’m not kidding around. These soft, pillowy matcha cookies are truly unforgettable. Matcha Matcha has been a traditional drink in Japan for over 800 years and used in tea […]

frosted sugar cookie bars

Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars

I am all about a soft pillowy cookie, so it is no surprise that I had to make (and can’t seem to stop making), these frosted sugar cookie bars. With a dense, yet incredibly soft center and a fluffy whipped frosting, these bars are truly addictive. I decorated these bars to the max with pink […]


Coconut Dulce de Leche Cocadas

These beauties are my coconut dulce de leche cocadas and they are outrageously delicious. Cocadas are a traditional coconut candy or confectionery typically found in Latin America, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela as well as other areas in South America. If you are a coconut lover like I am, these are a must-make. Similar […]

pinwheel cookies

Holiday Pinwheel Cookies

Pinwheel cookies have been around forever. These swirly, whirly, multi-colored beauties have a mesmerizing look, and buttery taste and make a great addition to any holiday cookie plate. Pinwheel cookies are classified as a type of icebox cookie, a category of cookies I’ve long been a fan of due to their ease and simplicity. Named […]

holiday stamp cookies

Holiday Stamp Cookies

I am a self-proclaimed cookie lover and while I don’t discriminate, I have a weakness for sugar cookies the most.  This year old-school holiday stamp cookies (aka, sugar cookies) are #1 on my holiday baking list.  July 9th is National Sugar Cookie Day but I’m a bit perplexed by that. One would think any day […]

white chocolate-cranberry cookies

White Chocolate-Cranberry Cookies

White chocolate cranberry cookies created just for me. Well, not exactly. I say that, because none of my crew likes white chocolate or cranberries, at least in a cookie. Honestly, I find this shocking. But you know what, I’m okay with it because it means when I make them, they are all for me. And […]

chocolate chip rice krispie cookies

Chocolate Chip Rice Krispie Cookies

I have never been a big breakfast cereal fan. But, mix some cereal into a cookie, like in these chocolate chip rice krispie cookies or in ice cream and it’s a game changer. Historically, breakfast cereal has become a highly competitive market. And whether for health or convenience reasons, consumers have been hooked on cereal […]

chocolate malted milk cookies

Chocolate Malted Milk Cookies

Cookies are a wonderful thing.  I have mentioned this before, but at 49, I can tell you, I still enjoy a great cookie every so often.  And while I’ll never turn down an amazing chocolate chip cookie, I also enjoy interesting other flavors, when I can find them. These are my chocolate malted milk cookies, […]

cream cheese spritz cookies

Cream Cheese Spritz Cookies

Vanilla and chocolate cream cheese spritz cookies are my holiday go-to this year. Soft, buttery, petite cookies in decorative designs, baked to perfection. Straight up or topped with glaze and festive holiday sprinkles make for a classic holiday cookie that’s easy to pull off during that crazy time of year. These make a wonderful cookie […]

pan-banging chocolate chip cookies

Sarah Kieffer’s Pan-Banging Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sarah Kieffer’s pan-banging chocolate chip cookies are now world-famous and rightly so. Kieffer’s recipe for these insanely delicious cookies first appeared in her cookbook called Vanilla Bean Baking Book. They were later featured in the NY Times, and the rest they say, is history. Kieffer is a self-taught baker and one that I admire very […]

chocolate kiss cookies

Chocolate Kiss Cookies

Cookie season has come and gone, but thankfully Valentine’s Day is another wonderful opportunity for my favorite sweet treat to shine.  I’m a cookie fanatic, I think that’s been established. These easy-to-make double chocolate kiss cookies are the perfect way to show some love to any in your family pod on Valentine’s Day or otherwise. These […]

sprinkle skillet cookie

Chocolate Chip Sprinkle Skillet Cookie

If you have not fallen in love with skillet baking yet, it’s time. Effortless baking is what I call it. With the exception of my brown butter chocolate chip cookies, this chocolate chip sprinkle skillet cookie is high on my list of favorites. I posted a version of it recently on my Instagram feed, that […]

gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

Tis the season. And by that, I mean cookie season. It’s what December has become, and in all honestly, I adore that. For me, baking cookies is calming, and a welcome escape from the grind and stress of everyday life (especially now). My love of cookies, which includes both making and eating them, has never […]

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