Norwegian Christmas bread

Norwegian Christmas Bread (Julekake)

Norwegian Christmas bread, also known as Julekake, is a traditional holiday bread that is enjoyed throughout Norway during the Christmas season. This delicious bread has been a staple in Norwegian homes for centuries and is loved for its rich and aromatic flavors. In my modern version of this classic bread, I use a combination of […]

Noah's favorite challah

Noah’s Favorite Challah Bread

Challah is a bread Jews consume on the Sabbath and holidays and it is surrounded by folklore, tradition, and symbolism. Braided challahs with three, four, or six strands are the most common. And because the braids look like arms intertwined, many people believe that they represent love. Noah’s Bar Mitzvah This is Noah’s favorite challah […]

spicy cheese bread

Spicy Cheese Bread With Bacon

I will always be a Badger. UW-Madison was an amazing place to go to school. It was beyond cold, but that aside, it is an incredible school. The University of Wisconsin–Madison is a public land-grant research university in Madison, Wisconsin. Founded when Wisconsin achieved statehood in 1848, UW–Madison is the official state university of Wisconsin […]

Easter bread

Italian Easter Bread

The first thing my boys said to me when I made Easter bread for the first time, was; why the heck are you baking Easter eggs into the challah? Those, are Jewish kids for you. I had a good laugh, but in fairness to them, I get it. When you break it down, Easter bread […]


Christmas Stollen

German Stollen, also called “Christstollen” has been around for nearly 700 years and is considered one of the most famous Christmas treats. Sweet bread and cakes flavored with candied fruits and nuts are perhaps the hallmarks of the Christmas baking season in many countries around the world.  Examples of this include; fruitcakes which are traditional […]

Norwegian multi-seed crispy bread

Norwegian Multi-Seed Crispy Bread

There are several things that I love about Denmark; the people, the casual lifestyle, the beautiful architecture, and of course the food. Copenhagen itself was a city I had heard so much about and it undoubtedly did not disappoint. For one week, a couple of years ago, my family and I immersed ourselves in all […]

hot cross buns

Hot Cross Buns

I’m Jewish, but I was born Christian. I’ve blogged about this before. The short story is, that I converted years ago when I got married. Growing up, my family was not religious at all, but we celebrated the major Christian holidays, mainly through food, family time, and gifting. Easter was a favorite. I loved glazed […]

Dutch oven bread

Dutch Oven Bread

Bread, of all kinds, has been the internet darling during the COVID pandemic. I too fell into that rabbit hole. I have spent weeks perfecting the texture and crumb of each type of bread I tackled. This Dutch oven bread, also called no-knead bread, is one of the first easy breads I took on. This […]

cocoa and peanut butter brioche

Braided Cocoa And Peanut Butter Brioche

Let’s call this for what it is, absolutely incredible. Seriously, I can’t take how delicious (or stunning) this braised cocoa and peanut butter brioche is. This is not my recipe, this amazing recipe is from the magazine Bake from Scratch and it is a killer one. The moment I saw it, I had to make […]

Japanese milk bread

Japanese Milk Bread

My life was forever changed the first time I tried Japanese milk bread. I’m serious, there is nothing truly like it. Pillowy is the word that comes to mind. I’ve made many breads in my lifetime, but Japanese milk bread is in a category of its own and a worthy try if you enjoy baking. […]

buttermilk biscuits

Buttermilk Biscuits

Homemade buttermilk biscuits are a true weakness of mine. But biscuits, I’ve learned, are an incredibly personal thing. Those who love them, have strong options, and I get that. Historically, biscuits were considered a delicacy and so revered, in the pre-Civil War South, that they were typically reserved only for Sunday night dinners. To me, […]

homemade pita bread

Homemade Pita Bread

Sometimes homemade is simply better, as is the case with pita bread. Be honest, you know exactly what I’m talking about. While store-bought pita has its purpose, when making homemade bread is not an option, but a lot is lost by sitting on the shelf. And that cardboard taste is real. I’m not a fan […]

garlic and herb naan

Garlic And Herb Naan

As a kid, I was never a big bread eater. Crackers, of almost any variety, were my go-to. There were, however, a few breads I never said no to, and naan was one of them. Naan, the well-known Indian favorite is a flatbread typically made with a dry yeast, all-purpose flour, warm water, sugar, salt, […]


Panettone (Italian Christmas Bread)

During the Christmas season, Americans enjoy decorated sugar cookies, the English have plum or Christmas pudding and the Italians have panettone, a sweet Milanese bread with hints of citrus, vanilla, and candied fruit. Panettone is a staple of Italian festivities dating back to the Middle Ages. Back then, people celebrated Christmas by replacing their traditional […]

mushroom-sausage stuffing

Thanksgiving Mushroom-Sausage Stuffing

I always considered myself a mashed potato person, but my sister loved Thanksgiving stuffing. It took me a few years, but I got there. Thanksgiving is my preferred holiday. I’ve mentioned this before, but a holiday based around food, friends, and family is the perfect holiday for me. Thanksgiving has no real rules when it […]

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