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chocolate chunk olive oil blondies

Chocolate Chunk Olive Oil Blondies

Get ready to excite your taste buds with the irresistible combination of semi-sweet chocolate and olive oil in these delectable, and equally outrageous, chocolate chunk olive oil blondies. Yes, you read that correctly, olive oil is the star ingredient, and it does not disappoint. But stepping back a bit, let’s briefly discuss blondies in general, […]

frosted sugar cookie bars

Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars

I am all about a soft pillowy cookie, so it is no surprise that I had to make (and can’t seem to stop making), these frosted sugar cookie bars. With a dense, yet incredibly soft center and a fluffy whipped frosting, these bars are truly addictive. I decorated these bars to the max with pink […]

berry crumble bars

Summer Berry Crumble Bars

Ripe, juicy berries are synonymous with summer, and although we are slowly closing out that season, there is no need to panic, frozen berries, can make some amazing things as well. These outrageous and incredibly easy, summer berry crumble bars are loaded with fresh and frozen berries and they are exactly what you need in […]

blueberry pie bars

Frosted Blueberry Pie Bars

Let’s face it, pie baking is not for everyone. And that is totally fine. I fell into that category at one point, so I do get it. Pies are complicated endeavors. You’ve got to be invested in the process to make a great pie.  And that’s not so easy, as all elements of a pie […]

Danish raspberry slices

Danish Raspberry Slices “Hindbærsnitter”

Meet my latest obsession; Danish raspberry slices, or “Hindbærsnitter”, in Danish. Best described as, an unassuming little square of jammy goodness. Raspberry slices are an incredibly popular treat in Denmark that can be found in almost every bakery shop in the country. It’s funny, despite their popularity, and the many snack breaks we took, for the life […]

cherry shortbread bars

Summer Cherry Shortbread Bars

Sweet cherries are here and they are irresistible. These summer cherry shortbread bars a must make if you are a cookie/bar lover like I am. Effortless in preparation, these bars bake up in no time and feel like the perfect cross between a cookie and a pie. Best part, they are not nearly as timing […]

raspberry fruit bars

Raspberry Fruit Bars

Like cookies, fruit bars, are a weakness of mine, These raspberry fruit bars are no exception. Effortless in preparation, loaded with raspberries and topped with a simple yet irresistible brown sugar-oat crumble make these a favorite of my family’s all year long. By definition, a cookie is a baked treat that is typically small, flat […]

matzo magic bars

Matzo Magic Bars

I’ll be honest, I’m crazy anxious. But truthfully, who isn’t these days? Life, as we know it, has changed. My college friend said it best, “it feels like life has been canceled“. We all seek comfort in different ways, there should be no judgment, maybe that’s the real takeaway in all this. I am particularly […]

s'mores bars

S’mores Bars

There comes a time every winter when I start thinking of summer. What can I say, I don’t love the cold, well, unless I’m skiing, but that’s a different story. Typically in the February/March timeframe I start to crave summer foods. Fresh-picked strawberries, juicy vine tomatoes, grilled corn, and inevitably, my favorite summertime sweet treat, […]

bourbon chocolate-pecan slab bars

Bourbon Chocolate-Pecan Slab Bars

Thanksgiving is so close I can taste it. But the stress of it is real. I’ve tried to help with my apple slab pie. If apple isn’t your thing, or you’re looking for another relatively easy-to-make option, these bourbon chocolate-pecan slab bars may do the trick. While the anticipation of cooking for large groups can […]

blackberry oat bars

Gluten-Free Blackberry Oat Bars

Gluten-free and vegan-friendly, these blackberry oat bars may just become your new favorite treat. Fresh blackberries are the feature of these tasty bars. Sweet, yet tart with great texture. Thankfully, fresh berries are available well into the cool Fall months and here in California even longer. Oat and almond flour make the base of this […]

brownie cake pops

Chocolate Covered Brownie Cake Pops

July 4th is a beloved American holiday. For some, that means watching fireworks; for others simply hanging out with family and friends in the backyard or by the pool.  No matter what you do, you’re looking for fun, simple foods that work well with groups. A patriotic nod is a bonus. With that in mind, […]

bourbon blondies

Brown-Butter Bourbon Blondies

Rich brown butter bourbon blondies, seriously need I say more?!?!? I do a lot of things for my kids, probably too much, but I’m still in denial about that. If you have kids, you may agree, you do the same.  Parenting, as wonderful as it is, is also utterly exhausting.  Almost 15 years in, it has […]

Oven skillet s'mores

Oven Skillet S’mores

Oven s’mores are my new thing. S’mores make me happy in the summer; toasting marshmallows on long skewers brings me joy (all except the part when my boys start sparring with the utensils).  National S’mores Day is not till August 10th, but who can wait that long?  Having a skillet version any time of year […]

chocolate butterscotch pecan blondies

Chocolate Butterscotch Pecan Blondies

I love blondies. There, I’ve said it. Blondies are awesome and no, I’m not just saying that because I’m blonde.  Similar to a cookie, but softer and even more irresistible, if it’s a really good one. Trust me, these blondies are really good ones and have proven that tinkering in the kitchen can sometimes lead […]

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