Ice Cream

vanilla rice krispy ice cream

Vanilla Rice Krispy Ice Cream

You know what they say about ice cream; “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream“. This tagline phase is cross-generational, eliciting childhood memories of hot summer days and that sought-after cone or a scoop of ice cream that helped keep the heat at bay. That memorable line is actually from a popular […]

matcha and dark chocolate ice cream

Matcha And Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Ice cream is a universal favorite on a hot summer day and nobody can deny it. Nothing cools you down and brings comfort on a sweltering day, quite like ice cream does. What’s remarkable, is the history of ice cream spans worldwide and over many centuries. This is my latest creation; matcha and dark chocolate […]

Ovaltine froth

Ovaltine Froth

Close friends introduced my family to a special place in Hawaii we have come to adore. It was during our first visit there, years ago, that their signature kid “drink” won my children’s hearts, as we were told it would. The specialty frozen drink was simply called, “Ovaltine froth“. Ovaltine, for those unfamiliar (or too young…), […]

malted chocolate peanut butter no churn ice cream

Malted Chocolate Peanut Butter No Churn Ice Cream

I talk about shortcuts in home cooking all the time, I’m the first to admit, that we all need them. And while such shortcuts would not be permitted in a professional kitchen, in your kitchen, it’s a different story. This malted chocolate peanut butter no-churn ice cream is one of those shortcuts, and if you […]

coconut ice crem

Coconut Ice Cream

This coconut ice cream is for all my coconut-loving friends out there. It’s also dedicated to my older son, who starts his sophomore year of high school (via distant learning) today, during a Pandemic and in a state burning from wildfires. He is a huge coconut lover like I am, so I thought what could […]

chocolate ice cream

Chocolate Ice Cream

Even with all the amazing ice cream flavors out there, chocolate and vanilla remain two of the most popular flavors around. Not a huge surprise to me, but then again, I’ve always been a fan of the classics. Chocolate has always been a favorite of my boys. Straight-up, no toppings, the richer the better. While […]

bourbon and corn flakes ice cream

Bourbon And Corn Flakes Ice Cream (Secret Breakfast)

If you’ve been to Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco you will know where I’m going with this post. Chef Jake Godby, along with his co-owner Sean Vahey, are known for their creative, and somewhat unusual, ice cream flavors. One of Humphry’s most popular flavors to date is their Secret Breakfast flavor which is a testament to […]

Stracciatella ice cream

Stracciatella Ice Cream

At my kid’s suggestion, I kicked off summer this year with a new Cuisinart ice cream machine. Seriously, best decision ever made. The motivation; is our family trip to Copenhagen last Spring. The food scene in this charming little city is truly amazing. From fine dining to street food, the Danes are absolutely killing it. […]

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