cookie bars

frosted sugar cookie bars

Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars

I am all about a soft pillowy cookie, so it is no surprise that I had to make (and can’t seem to stop making), these frosted sugar cookie bars. With a dense, yet incredibly soft center and a fluffy whipped frosting, these bars are truly addictive. I decorated these bars to the max with pink […]

raspberry fruit bars

Raspberry Fruit Bars

Like cookies, fruit bars, are a weakness of mine, These raspberry fruit bars are no exception. Effortless in preparation, loaded with raspberries and topped with a simple yet irresistible brown sugar-oat crumble make these a favorite of my family’s all year long. By definition, a cookie is a baked treat that is typically small, flat […]

bourbon blondies

Brown-Butter Bourbon Blondies

Rich brown butter bourbon blondies, seriously need I say more?!?!? I do a lot of things for my kids, probably too much, but I’m still in denial about that. If you have kids, you may agree, you do the same.  Parenting, as wonderful as it is, is also utterly exhausting.  Almost 15 years in, it has […]

skillet cookie

Oatmeal Chocolate Toffee Skillet Cookie

Sadly, summer has passed, but wonderful memories remain.  What I love about summer is the simplicity: relaxed schedules, easy meals, and later bedtimes.  There is no rush and with that, at least in my house, there is no fuss (well, there is less of it…).  This is a simple skillet cookie recipe that I created […]

raspberry-coconut bars

Raspberry-Coconut Oatmeal Bars

[Updated Recipe] Dessert bars, or simply “bars” and “squares,” are an American creation.  Bars are sweet snacks with a cake or a cookie-like texture, made in one pan, and enjoyed any time of the day.  Staples of neighborhood bake sales, class parties, and picnics, bars are great any time of the year. I make my […]

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