donut bundt cake

Glazed Donut Bundt Cake

In case it’s not clear from the title, yes, this is a giant glazed donut cake. Seriously, I almost don’t need to say any more. This Bundt cake is outrageously good and if you are a donut fan, think no more, skip this post, and just begin making it right now. The History of Old […]

apple cider crullers

Apple Cider Crullers With Cinnamon Glaze

I love Fall. And with the exception of the holiday decorations coming out at way too fast of a clip, I enjoy all aspects of it. But personally, I think the pumpkin craziness gets a bit more glory than it deserves. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great pumpkin cookie, pumpkin muffins are my […]

Danish pancake balls

Danish Pancake Balls “Aebleskiver”

Danish Aebleskiver, also known as Danish pancake balls, is a traditional Danish food served during Christmas. The center of these Danish pastries is soft and fluffy, almost creamy. The crust is crisp and slightly browned and the apple filling is sweet and tangy. In Danish “Aebleskiver” simply means apple slices which are the most traditional […]


Malasadas (Hawaiian Donuts)

These babies are malasadas, also known as Hawaiian donuts, and they are divine. Balls of dough that are deep-fried in oil and rolled in granulated sugar, much like a donut, but minus the hole. Malasadas, best served warm, can be found at many roadside stands and local bakeries as well as on fine dining menus […]

Israeli jelly donuts

Israeli Jelly Donuts “Sufganiyot”

Sufganiyot, also known as, Israeli jelly donuts or “Hanukkah donuts” are deep-fried jelly donuts that are traditionally eaten in Israel during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. Here the oil used to fry the donuts, like a traditional latke, is reminiscent of the oil that miraculously burned— according to the Hanukkah story—in the ancient Temple in Jerusalem. Filled […]

cake donuts

Old Fashioned Cake Donuts With Chocolate Glaze

The world is a better place because of donuts. Seriously, it’s true. Donuts make people happy, myself included. Birthday mornings in my house are celebrated with donuts, it’s just something we’ve always done. At 13 and 11, we still have not stopped. I posted a recipe for baked cinnamon sugar donuts last year, I thought […]

cinnamon-sugar donuts

Simple Baked Cinnamon-Sugar Donuts

When I was a kid, I wanted to be the President, a lawyer, and Martha Stewart–in that order.  I gave up on the Presidency once I learned the odds.  I remained focused on law school until I worked as a paralegal and married a lawyer instead.  I ended up in culinary school and although I […]

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