Blue Lagoon Cocktail

Blue Lagoon Cocktail

It’s believed that the Blue Lagoon cocktail was created by Andy MacElhone, the son of famed bartender Harry MacElhone, at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris in the 1960s or early 1970s. So, despite what most think, the drink predates the 1980 coming-of-age film, starring Brook Shields, of the same name. Retro cocktails, as they’re […]

Fall smash cocktail

Fall Smash Cocktail

Put down the pumpkin and back away. The Fall season offers so much more than pumpkin bread and Halloween jack-o-lanterns. The cooler months bring lovely changing colors, shorter days, cozy nights and rich flavorful cocktails that warm your body from the toes up. While I lean slightly toward the lighter, fruity, less sweet cocktails generally, […]

sake + starfruit cocktail

Sake + Starfruit “Caipirinha” Cocktail

I have blogged about making a sake cocktail before. New to the sake world, I am enjoying its versatility and flavorful notes. This lovely cocktail is based on the National drink in Brazil called a Caipirinha cocktail traditionally made with cachaça ( also known as aguardiente, pinga, caninha), which is a distilled spirit, made from fermented sugarcane juice, known […]

hot toddy

Honey Hot Toddy For Winter

If you’ve never had a Hot Toddy on a cold winter night, you must. Known as a “hot whisky” in Scotland, it can mixed in any number of ways.  But typically, it is served as one is (according to Wikipedia) “retiring” for the night. Love that. In essence, it’s a true “nightcap.” Some believe the Hot […]

meyer lemon Sidecar

Meyer Lemon Sidecar

My husband introduced me to Sidecars a few years ago. Something new and not too sweet was an easy sell. I liked the idea of having a drink served “up” instead of over ice. I also loved the look of an elegant martini glass. After one sip, I was hooked. But they are strong. I […]

sake lemon drop

Sake Lemon Drop

I’ve always wanted to enjoy sake. I have tried it warm and cold, over the years, but never loved it. Friends always said, “Drink the really good stuff and you will love it.” They were wrong. Straight-up sake always struck me as too medicinal. For me, hard alcohol is always tricky.  Even when it’s the […]

vodka lemonade

Vodka Lemonade

I don’t feel like I’m 45.  So much so that recently, I have caught myself saying the wrong age–like 44, or 25. They always said that would happen. I’m not going to complain about being 45.  Age is all relative, and truthfully I only feel old sometimes. Typically, it’s a few days after doing something […]

Bloody Mary

The Perfect Bloody Mary

There are many occasions when a Bloody Mary is the perfect beverage: Sunday brunch, family gatherings, a long cross-country flight, and during lunch while skiing on a cold winter day.  Truthfully, I have always loved a good Bloody Mary, I think mainly because they are salty–and I do love salt.  In Wisconsin, where I went […]

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