holiday cocktail

Ruby cocktail

Ruby Cocktail

This Ruby cocktail is a drink made with many things I adore. I am also rather intrigued by it. While learning about it, I found several foods and drink websites that claim this “fruit-centric drink”, which is at times referred to simply as a “Ruby”, is made with vodka, Aperol, Saint Germain liqueur, ruby grapefruit, […]

rosemary-ginger margarita

Rosemary-Ginger Margarita

Margaritas are what you pour for life’s happiest moments, as evidenced by 6.4 million #margarita tags on Instagram. A refreshing, crisp cocktail that brings a fun and festive tone to almost any occasion. Sound like something you need right now? In this crazy COVID world, I think we are all looking for happiness, anywhere we […]

gin martini

Empress Gin Martini

In the 50s, a gin martini was what mom and dad sipped before dinner with the family, but not a lot has changed since then. Considered an iconic cocktail, a simple gin martini is one of the world’s most famous drinks. With its clean, bracing taste, there is no mystery to the martini, and all […]


Puerto Rican Coquito

This coquito recipe is dedicated to my sister. My sister has taught me too many things over the years. Just two years my senior, we have always been close. As a kid, I looked up to my sister in awe and worship. To me, she was perfect. Smart, witty, stylish, and thoughtful in ways that […]

Good Tidings cocktail

Good Tidings Cocktail

To be clear, it’s still cranberry season, at least it is to me. I first read about a Good Tidings cocktail in Esquire.  I’m not sure where that magazine has been all my life (although apparently the answer is: on my husband’s nightstand). Esquire regularly has fantastic drink features. I loved the flavors in this […]

White Russian

Vanilla Rum White Russian

Chances are you’ve heard of a White Russian, a rich creamy cocktail made with vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream served over ice. This beloved cocktail was created in the late 1940s by Gustave Tops, a Belgian barman who also created the White Russian’s sister cocktail a Black Russian which is simply a White Russian without […]

hot toddy

Honey Hot Toddy For Winter

If you’ve never had a Hot Toddy on a cold winter night, you must. Known as a “hot whisky” in Scotland, it can mixed in any number of ways.  But typically, it is served as one is (according to Wikipedia) “retiring” for the night. Love that. In essence, it’s a true “nightcap.” Some believe the Hot […]

Cranberry-Cassis White Wine Spritzer

Cranberry-Cassis White Wine Spritzer

Holidays are all about spirit. And by “spirit” I mean the feeling of happiness, gratitude, and grace that swirls around December. Spirit is more a mood than anything religious. Anyone can have spirit no matter what one celebrates. I love the holiday spirit. The buzz, the pomp and circumstance, the gatherings, and the overall excitement […]

Fallen Apple cocktail

“Fallen Apple” Cocktail

I consider this another fun, seasonal, Fall cocktail, based on the “Fallen Apple” cocktail I first read about in Saveur in 2015. The Fallen Apple recipe talked about in that article was from chef Anna Bogle of Summit City Lounge in Whitesburg, Kentucky (a place and a state I’ve never been). A “Fallen Apple” cocktail, either the […]

Lillet-basil cocktail

Lillet-Basil Cocktail

Have you ever had Lillet?  If the answer is no, you’ve been missing out. Pronounced “li’ leh” it is a French aperitif created in 1887 by Paul and Raymon Lillet from Podensac, just outside of the Bordeaux region in France.  Lillet, considered a “tonic wine” (or quinquina) is a blend of 85% Bordeaux region wines and […]

vegan eggnog

Vegan Eggnog

Eggnog is something people love or hate, there’s no in-between.  In its traditional form, eggnog is a rich, creamy, sweet, often very caloric holiday drink that can be served either hot or cold, enjoyed straight-up or spiked with rum, whisky, or Kahlua, and typically served with whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg on top. […]

cranberry-orange whisky sour

Cranberry-Orange Whisky Sour

This is a cranberry-orange whisky sour and it’s a great specialty cocktail for holiday parties.  A whisky sour is a classic bourbon drink that is subtly sweet and sour at the same time.  If you ask a bartender, a traditional whisky sour is one of the simplest cocktails that you can get that is still called a […]

mulled wine

Mulled Wine With Cinnamon And Brandy

Where has mulled wine been all my life?  This is a brilliant solution to a cold winter day and is perfect for the holiday season.  Despite my late introduction to mulled wine, this hot fruity beverage has been around since before the 8th century.  In the 1800’s, a holiday drink similar to mulled wine gained […]

Holiday sangria

Holiday Sangria

Are you ready for Thursday? The holiday season is in full swing.  Holiday parties and family gatherings are arriving at a steady clip.  If you’re hosting anything, this post is for you.  Sangria is a fantastic holiday cocktail option and if made with a good red wine and a little brandy, it can be elegant, […]

pomegranate margarita

A Pomegranate-Lime Margarita

Sometimes you need to make a change.  A twist on the classic margarita, this pomegranate-lime margarita is divine. I am a margarita lover, so this post should come as no surprise to my friends.  A classic margarita is delicious, made with fresh lime juice, a good tequila, and nothing artificial added.  But there is lots […]

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