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Toronha cocktail

Toronha Cocktail

The margarita is undoubtedly the most popular tequila cocktail the world over, followed by the Paloma. The Toromha cocktail is a close cousin of the margarita and is believed to have been invented by the Tequila Tezon company. The “Toronha” name comes from “toronja” (the Spanish word for grapefruit) and takes the extra ‘h’ from the […]

Passione Arrabbiata cocktail

Passione Arrabbiata Cocktail

Passione Arrabbiata is the name of a cocktail from a NYC restaurant called Costata. Made with a chili-infused Cazadores reposado tequila, this drink peeked my interest from the moment I read about it. While I love the heat a chili-infused cocktail can offer (such as in my jalapeño tequila gimlet), what intrigued me so much about […]

El Diablo

El Diablo Cocktail

I read about this drink a while ago and it left a lasting impression.  I used to be scared of tequila. Chalk it up to a bad experience at a young age. Older, I now find tequila fascinating. Its versatility amazes me. And if you haven’t had the good stuff yet, try it, it’s life-changing. […]

The Federation

The Federation

Smooth and refined deliciousness. The Sazerac, credited as being one of the first true cocktails, is a New Orleans take on a traditional rye cocktail. The Federation puts a further spin on the Sazerac.  The combination of Anejo tequila instead of rye mixed with creme de cacao leads to a sweeter, richer, cocktail with a […]


Tequila Siesta Cocktail

It’s Friday and sadly I’m not at the International Food Bloggers Conference in Sacramento, so I’ll post instead.  This is another fun and somewhat “new” tequila-based cocktail for those who want something other than a margarita or a Paloma.  Most have probably never heard of a Siesta cocktail, until recently I certainly have not. This tequila, […]

strawberry balsamic tequila sour

Strawberry-Balsamic Tequila Sour

This strawberry-balsamic tequila sour is a refreshing, sweet cocktail with just the right amount of sour to keep you sipping.  Summer may be slowly coming to an end, but warm nights may linger for just a bit longer.  So, whether you are holding onto those carefree vacation days or just in need of a great […]

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