Chocolate Covered Brownie Cake Pops

July 4th is a beloved American holiday. For some, that means watching fireworks; for others simply hanging out with family and friends in the backyard or by the pool.  No matter what you do, you’re looking for fun, simple foods that work well with groups. A patriotic nod is a bonus. With that in mind, I decided a chocolate-covered brownie cake pop with red, white, and blue sprinkles would hit the nail on the head. They are easy to make ahead for large groups; no plates are required; and they are guaranteed to please kids and adults alike.

brownie cake pops

My whole family loves a great brownie. My husband and I love my grown-up brownies with cayenne; our boys love my vegan brownies and also love my pumpkin-cheesecake brownies. As a brownie lover, I support keeping multiple recipes in your baking arsenal.

brownie cake pops

Cake pops are themselves a thing. I resisted the trend, but my little one loved them and could not go into Starbucks without begging for one.  I don’t like the store-made cake pops at all. But I came around to the fun aspect of eating a reasonably sized, tasty little cake (or brownie) on a stick. Stick food of all varieties has always been popular in American culture.  From corn dogs to candy apples, Americans love easy-to-eat treats.  In some places, you can even find a fried stick of butter, but I have my limits. This brownie recipe is a more cake-like one that works well for making brownie cake pops.

brownie cake pops

You can use any brownie recipe you love, just avoid an overly fudgy one. For this recipe, I use a cake pop press which can be found at many local cookware stores, grocery stores, and online stores such as Amazon. It is slightly trickier to make these without a cake pop press/mold, but you can make these simply using your hands. So if you are hosting or are headed to a July 4th celebration with friends and family and looking for a fun, relatively easy-to-make dessert, I got you. Happy 4th!

brownie cake pops

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Andrea Potischman

I am a professionally trained NYC chef turned CA mom and food blogger. I post about real food, with doable ingredient lists that are family friendly.

2 thoughts on "Chocolate Covered Brownie Cake Pops"

  1. Avatar photo Karly says:

    These look so cute! My kids will love these!

    1. Thanks for writing, I hope your kids like this 🙂

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