Ginger Snap Cookies

One of the biggest things I’ve learned about blogging is that there is a “national day” for almost everything. Seriously, even ginger snaps have their own special day: July 1st. But who can wait for summer when it’s holiday cookie season. Ginger snaps are typically small, round (also called biscuit) cookies, and are a derivation of traditional gingerbread, and another German Christmas cookie called lebkuchen, made from honey, spices, and nuts.

The name “ginger snap” comes from the fact these cookies are often very crispy and make a snapping sound when eaten. Unlike gingerbread cookies, which are traditionally made in shapes, then iced and decorated, ginger snaps are less involved.  Typically round in shape, these crispy cousins are considered globally popular, especially during the holiday time, and go well with tea and coffee any time of day. My ginger snaps are slightly untraditional, in this recipe I opt for a softer cookie, instead of a real crispy one, but they are just as delicious, if not more so.

ginger snap cookies

The origins of both gingerbread and ginger snaps go back hundreds of years. People in colonial times enjoyed these cookies, both in European countries as well as in America. Molasses, one of the main ingredients used to make ginger snaps, was used as a sweetener rather than sugar because it was less expensive and more readily available.

ginger snap cookies

While I love and often crave just a simple straightforward ginger snap of any variety, I also love them dipped in semi-sweet chocolate or drizzled with white chocolate or…both. A simple way to elevate this flavorful favorite to a whole different playing field–one I think you’ll love as much as I do. A quick note on design: For the drizzled chocolate pattern, I made a small parchment pastry bag/cone for the melted chocolate to help me obtain the fun zigzag pattern. For help on how to make a simple parchment pastry bag/cone, check out this link.

ginger snap cookies

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  1. Avatar photo Rebecca Salazar says:

    Interested in new cookie recipes I appreciate your time

    1. Hi Rebecca- Thank you. I hope you make them and enjoy them. Happy Holidays to you!

  2. Nice Natalie. I hope you make them and let me know your thoughts once you do. Thanks for your comment.

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