Golden Berry Gin And Tonic

Ever have a golden berry? My guess is it’s unlikely. For those unfamiliar, golden berries are also known as Inca berry, Peruvian ground cherry, poha berry, goldenberry, husk cherry, and cape gooseberry.  Golden berries are small, bright, orange-colored fruits closely related to the tomatillo. Like tomatillos, golden berries are wrapped in a papery husk called a calyx that must be removed before eating.

golden berry gin and tonic

About the size of a grape tomato, these berries have a sweet, tropical taste that’s similar to both a pineapple and a mango. These specialty berries belong to what’s called the nightshade family and grow in warm places around the world. They can be found year-round in some places but their peak season is late Spring to mid-Summer. What’s most remarkable about these little berries is, for their size, they have a rather impressive nutrient profile. In fact, golden berries were recently deemed a superfood, due to their high amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. If that’s not enough, golden berries are also extremely high in antioxidants with lots of anti-inflammatory properties.

golden berry gin and tonic

With their lovely citrus undertones, golden berries seemed like a logical fruit to incorporate into a warm-weather classic cocktail I love, a gin and tonic. The sweet, tropical flavor of the golden berry syrup complements the fresh lime juice and gin perfectly. Great for warm summer nights on the back porch or weekend BBQs with friends, this is an elegant twist on an old classic and one I’m head-over-heel for this season.

golden berry gin and tonic

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2 thoughts on "Golden Berry Gin And Tonic"

  1. Avatar photo LynnScott says:

    A friend gave me golden berries/I found your G’n’T recipe. Made it, loved it. Lovely NEW flavour. Thnaks.

    1. That is awesome to hear! Thank you for sharing this with me, I love this recipe and I’m so happy you enjoyed it! Be well and stay safe out there.

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