Simple Tomato Sauce

A good classic homemade tomato sauce is the cornerstone of countless culinary creations. Its essence lies in the quality of the tomatoes. Ripe, flavorful tomatoes bring a natural sweetness and depth that no store-bought version can match. Good quality canned tomatoes or ripe fresh tomatoes are the heart and soul of any tomato sauce. Their natural sweetness, balanced acidity, and rich flavor create a base that transforms ordinary pasta or tomato sauce-based dishes into extraordinary feasts.

tomato sauce

I prefer a simple and pure tomato sauce. This sauce’s true magic lies in its versatility. It’s a canvas for an array of dishes. From the hearty comfort of lasagna to the zesty zing of pizza, this sauce elevates each creation to new heights. A homemade sauce allows for a personal touch, from selecting the finest tomatoes to infusing it with your favorite herbs and spices. It’s a labor of love that resonates in every spoonful.

This sauce is extremely versatile and can be used for almost any Italian recipe.  Made a day or two in advance or frozen for future use, this sauce holds up without losing flavor.  In the summer, during peak tomato season, try using fresh tomatoes for maximum flavor. In the realm of culinary prowess, a classic homemade tomato sauce is your steadfast ally. With the right tomatoes, it transcends mere condiment status, becoming a transformative elixir that breathes life into your recipes. Elevate your dishes; let the tomato sauce shine.

tomato sauce

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Andrea Potischman

I am a professionally trained NYC chef turned CA mom and food blogger. I post about real food, with doable ingredient lists that are family friendly.

3 thoughts on "Simple Tomato Sauce"

  1. Avatar photo Dean G. says:

    Hi Andrea, Thanks for sharing your expertise. I’ve been learning to cook over the last 3 or 4 years and love a simple sauce like this as well. Do you have any recommendations for canned tomatoes? Thanks,

    1. Hi Dean. Thanks for your note. Good for you for learning how to cook, I hope you have been enjoying the process. Thanks for following, much appreciated. For canned tomatoes I love San Marzano tomatoes. A bit more expensive, but well worth it, especially when making a homemade tomato sauce.

  2. Avatar photo Rebecca Lewis says:

    Can’t wait to try this sauce! I think Caden will love it.

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