Stuffed Shells

Everyone needs another pasta recipe. And a quick meal is even better, which works here if you take shortcuts like buying tomato sauce instead of making your own. The truth is, I was never really a huge fan of this well-known Italian-American favorite. To me, stuffed shells often seem bland and textureless. But this classic baked pasta dish has long been hailed as an American comfort food and I get that now.

Lately, while in lockdown, I’ve been seeking comfort, so I decided to develop my own stuffed shells recipe and this one fits the comfort food box perfectly. My recipe is full of flavor, loaded with vegetables, and the best part, won’t take all day to make.

stuffed shells

Stuffed shells are made with conchiglioni pasta, the larger version of “conchiglie“, which means “conch shells.” The jumbo shells have thin ridges set close together and are, of course, stuffed, usually with a combination of meat, cheeses, and vegetables. Unlike the tubes of manicotti, shells can hold an amount of stuffing equal to the size and shape of an egg. Commonly sold in the plain durum wheat variety, you also see it in colored varieties which use natural pigments, such as tomato extract, squid ink or spinach extract.

stuffed shells

What I love about this type of dish is the ability to make it and divide it into smaller portions to be baked off (as needed) for those in your family who may be on different schedules. With my entire family on Zoom calls, our schedules can often conflict. So sometime, when I will make this dish, I will divide it into two serving dishes to bake off separately, to accommodate different eating times. I’ll also made this recipe in small individual baking dishes which can make an impressive presentation and is a nice alternative to one big serving dish.

stuffed shells

So, if you’re seeking comfort, or just another another  easy pasta dish to feel the family, give this stuffed shells recipe a try. I’m even willing to bet the kids won’t complain about the tasty veggies they’re loaded with.

stuffed shells

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Andrea Potischman

I am a professionally trained NYC chef turned CA mom and food blogger. I post about real food, with doable ingredient lists that are family friendly.

4 thoughts on "Stuffed Shells"

  1. Avatar photo Karen says:

    LOL Neal! No but seriously. These are delicious. I don’t generally like stuffed pasta either (too much mush), but all the veggies make these outstanding. And my kids scarfed them down, too!

    1. I love hearing this!!!!! So glad you all enjoyed my recipe. Thank you for your lovely comment. Keep on cooking!!!

  2. Avatar photo Neal P says:

    Had these twice in the last 48 hours and they were really delicious. Thank you!!!

    1. Well that is love. Thank you. I did not ask him to write that. Best husband ever 🙂

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