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garlic ramen noodles

Garlic Ramen Noodles

Garlic ramen noodles are a side dish that should be in your recipe rotation all year long. Fast, flavorful, and only a few simple ingredients are required. I keep instant ramen noodles in my pantry at all times for my cabbage salad, which is a family favorite. Those same noodles, minus the seasoning packets, are […]

roasted acorn squash with quinoa

Roasted Acorn Squash With Quinoa Pecans And Feta

Thanksgiving is almost here and I’m ready for it to arrive. Case-in-point, I have been working away on new recipes and this roasted acorn squash with quinoa is my latest favorite. Packed with some of my all-time favorites (quinoa, pecans, and feta cheese), this flavorful dish is also an eye-catcher. I have a true soft […]

broccolini with candied pecans

Broccolini With Candied Pecans

Broccolini is a favorite, but then again, there are not many vegetables I don’t love. This recipe for broccolini with candied pecans was a no-brainer for me, the perfect blending of a few simple things I’m fond of. But broccolini is a confusing vegetable for some. To start, it isn’t baby broccoli. So, what is […]

cabbage and potato pancakes

Cabbage And Potato Pancakes

My love of savory pancakes is no secret. Latkes are a staple in my house and not just during Hanukkah. I still prefer crispy scallion pancakes over cake, but I know there are not many that would say that. This is a recipe for cabbage and potato pancakes, and one I’ve worked hard perfecting. And […]

mushroom farro

Mushroom Farro With Truffle Oil

Mushroom farro is a hearty winter comfort food to me. The addition of black truffle oil makes this simple dish even more delicious.  Farro is an ancient grain from Mesopotamia that has been around forever. Considered a nutritious grain, farro is high in protein, fiber, and B complex vitamins, and is considered a much healthier […]

quinoa succotash

Quinoa, Corn And Roasted Poblano Succotash

This is a fun dish and a great seasonal one for warmer weather. I love to serve it with Noah’s cod cakes. I’m a big quinoa fan. I have basically stopped eating rice, and I do watch my carbs–so quinoa and riced cauliflower have become my go-to’s.  Quinoa is a gluten-free, high-protein plant food containing […]

lentils and rice

Lentils And Rice With Crispy Onions And Sage

Lentils and rice go together perfectly in my eyes.  I could honestly eat lentils daily, but I don’t think that would fly with my family.  The lentils I’m referring to here are French lentils, a classic variety in the culinary world.  They are greenish-brown, petite, earthy, and delicious—and that’s how I feel about them before […]

butternut squash noodles

Butternut Squash Noodles With Brown Butter, Parmesan And Thyme

As a kid, I never liked butternut squash, it was always mushy and flavorless.  Years later, I learned how to make it.  It is funny how subtle things in a recipe sometimes make all the difference in whether we like or dislike something.  Growing up, butternut squash was one of those foods that I was […]

riced cauliflower

Riced Cauliflower With Leeks, Kale And Walnuts

Cauliflower has become one of my favorite vegetables.  With its “riced” form, readily available almost anywhere, it has become even easier to cook.  Because of its mild flavor, there are virtually unlimited options to keep this cruciferous vegetable interesting. As I have gotten older, I have had to modify how and what I eat.  Sadly, […]

Cauliflower Quinoa Vegetable Rice

Cauliflower Quinoa Vegetable “Rice”

Cauliflower quinoa vegetable rice is an easy, flavorful, and delicious side dish that you can serve with just about anything.  Cauliflower rice, or riced cauliflower as it’s also called, has become incredibly popular in recent years as a low-carb alternative to rice.  Don’t get me wrong: I love rice and I always have.  But I […]

oven roasted asparagus

Oven Roasted Asparagus With Gremolata Butter

You should eat some asparagus this Spring.  And they can be so much better than a lot of restaurants make them.  April to June is the typical growing season and the best time to eat them–since you can find them with tender stalks and vibrant green colors.  Thicker, older stems produce a woody and much tougher vegetable. […]

oven roasted brussels sprouts

Brussels Sprouts And Cotija Cheese

I discovered Cotija cheese several years ago when I hosted my husband’s 40th birthday party, which had a Mexican theme and was catered by Tacolicious, a fantastic California-style taqueria in San Francisco.  Cotija has become a staple in my house ever since.  Cotija is a cow’s milk cheese named for the small Mexican town in […]

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