Butternut Squash Noodles With Brown Butter, Parmesan And Thyme

As a kid, I never liked butternut squash, it was always mushy and flavorless.  Years later, I learned how to make it.  It is funny how subtle things in a recipe sometimes make all the difference in whether we like or dislike something.  Growing up, butternut squash was one of those foods that I was forced to try periodically, but just never enjoyed.  I push my boys the same way, to keep trying different foods.  I cook a lot, and my boys are very used to seeing me in the kitchen “at work“.  When I’m done making something, whether it’s for dinner or my blog, I strongly encourage them to taste it.

Since they were young, we have called this the “thank you bite“. Some things I know in advance they probably won’t like, and that’s ok–they are young and their palettes are developing. But I think introducing them to new flavors, textures, and consistencies allows them to learn to like different foods over time.  They say that exposure helps kids develop healthy eating habits. I strongly believe this. Sometimes, the exposure model is a slow and frustrating one.  But when they discover something new that they love, it warms my heart.

butternut squash noodles

Catering to my own tastes, and the need for butternut squash not to be mushy, in this recipe I use butternut squash noodles.  I happen to own a spiralizer–many home cooks do these days–and making almost any vegetable into a noodle takes seconds.  But for those who don’t own a spiralizer, there are many stores out there that now sell pre-made butternut squash noodles in the vegetables section.  I have seen them at Whole Foods and Safeway.  Butternut squash noodles are a nice change to the old standard.  Lightly blanched, the squash stays more al dente instead of losing its structure completely.

brown butter

I paired well-cooked butternut squash noodles with simple Fall flavors.  A rich brown butter, parmesan, and fresh thyme blend well together in this rustic, yet elegant side dish.  This recipe would stand up well at a holiday meal and is not labor-intensive at all, making it even more appealing.

My boys tried this recipe the day I developed it, and both liked it, especially the brown butter flavor.  Neither chose to have more of it later with their dinner.  But that’s okay.  History has shown me that the next time I make it, they probably will.

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I am a professionally trained NYC chef turned CA mom and food blogger. I post about real food, with doable ingredient lists that are family friendly.

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