Apple Oatmeal Cake

Apple oatmeal cake is a delicious and wholesome dessert, (or breakfast if you ask my husband), that combines the warm and comforting flavors of apples and hearty oatmeal. It’s the perfect cake to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee and although I am part Irish, I have only recently discovered how wonderful this style of cake truly is.

oatmeal apple cake

Irish Roots

This simple cake is one the Irish have been enjoying for generations. Perhaps the best part is it’s made with just a few simple pantry ingredients, including whole grain oats, juicy apples, sweet butter, sugar, and flour, which are combined to create a lovely, moist, fruit-forward cake that makes a wonderful alternative to the American apple pie.

Traditionally, apple oatmeal cake, known also called Irish apple cake, was enjoyed during the cool autumn months when apples are in peak season. This style of cake became an easy and popular way to use up surplus apples, which are abundant in Ireland during the autumn. This rustic cake is a popular dessert to serve at family gatherings and celebrations and a go-to on cold and rainy days. Forgiving in preparation and flexible in preparation allowing you to customize the flavor and sweetness to suit your tastes.oatmeal apple cake

Apples For Baking

When it comes to making a killer apple cake such as this, the type of apple you use can have a big impact on the final result. You’ll want to choose a flavorful apple, firm, and holds its shape well when cooked.

Some of the best apple varieties for apple cakes include SugarBee, Bramley, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, and Braeburn. Bramley apples are a traditional choice for this recipe (or other apple sweets and desserts) as they have a tart flavor that works well with the sweetness of the cake. Granny Smith apples are also a good option as they are tart and firm, and they hold up well during baking.

SugerBee Apples

My go-to, when in season, is SugarBee apples which are crisp, mildly sweet, slightly tart juicy apples that hold up well when baked. Ultimately, the best apple variety for your oatmeal apple cake will depend on your personal preference and what’s seasonably available in your area.

Considered a beloved and timeless cake that has stood the test of time, apple oatmeal cake is a comforting and satisfying sweet that will leave you feeling warm and cozy inside, whether it’s for a holiday dessert or breakfast the day after.

oatmeal apple cake

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