Chocolate Meringue Hearts With Whipped Cream And Berries

Indulge in the epitome of romance with delicate chocolate heart-shaped meringue cups filled with fresh, lightly sweetened, whipped cream and mixed berries. An easy and elegant treat perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day you crave a little something special.

chocolate meringue hearts

A meringue is a delicate dance of egg whites and sugar, that, when made correctly, transforms into airy, crisp perfection in these heart-shaped confections. The key lies in a careful and proper whipping process to achieve stiff peaks for that delicate texture meringues are known for.

chocolate meringue hearts

Meringues vs. Pavlovas

While both meringue cups pavlova and share a meringue base, the addition of certain ingredients combined with variations in texture and presentation separate these delightful desserts.


  • Pavlova: Typically includes additional ingredients like vinegar or cream of tartar, which contribute to its soft and marshmallow-like interior.
  • Meringue Cups: Usually simpler, consisting of just egg whites and sugar, resulting in a crisper texture.


  • Pavlova: Has a soft, chewy interior with a crisp exterior.
  • Meringue Cups: Tend to be crisper throughout, offering a delicate crunch.

Shape + Serving

  • Pavlova: Traditionally a large, round, cake-like dessert, often topped with whipped cream and fresh fruits.
  • Meringue Cups: Can be shaped into smaller cups or nests, providing a vessel for various fillings such as whipped cream, fruit, or custard.


  • Pavlova: Served as a centerpiece dessert, cut into slices.
  • Meringue Cups: Presented individually, making them suitable for portion control and creative fillings.


  • Pavlova: Often associated with celebratory events and holidays due to its grand presentation.
  • Meringue Cups: Versatile and can be enjoyed casually or as part of elegant desserts.

chocolate meringue hearts

Tips For Baking Meringues

In addition to whipping, baking meringues at a low temperature is another secret to these meringue wonders. Meringues cannot be rushed. Low heat ensures a gentle and gradual transformation into sweet, cloud-like delights. The subtle addition of cocoa powder in this recipe elevates the experience, offering a rich counterpoint to the lightness of the meringue.

chocolate meringue hearts

Fill these edible hearts with fresh pillowy whipped cream and a medley of mixed berries for a pop of freshness. Whether shaped as hearts for Valentine’s Day or crafted in the more traditional round form, these chocolate meringue cups are a sweet symphony that transcends any occasion.

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