Prime Rib Roast

It’s holiday countdown time and everyone is searching for ideas about what to make for Christmas. Let’s face it, we all have our standard go-to’s and that’s fine, it works, but this year you want to challenge yourself or impress others perhaps. I say, go for it. Enter prime rib roast. Not a new dish, but a forgotten or overlooked one if you ask me. Prime rib roast is also an incredibly easy dish, or at least with this recipe, it can be. Perfect for a small or large group, this relatively foolproof recipe could not be easier or tastier, but you’ll need to trust me.

prime rib roast

For some background, a prime rib roast (or standing rib roast, as it’s also called) origin is actually somewhat unclear. Here’s what we do know.  Food historians tend to agree that beef roasts, of all kinds, became popular around the time of the Industrial Revolution in the UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, and the US. Also referred to as a “Sunday roast” (in British and Irish households) and pot roast (in the United States), roasts of all varieties became a popular traditional meal served on Sundays, often after Church when the whole family was rib roast

The family meal idea is what made me think about a prime rib roast as a great holiday meal option and this unique cooking method may just blow you away. I heard about this type of method years ago but never experimented with it till now. Boy, am I glad I did. Even the non-cookers out there can master this simple technique. It’s called the “closed oven or dry-heat method” and it takes patience and trust. For this prime rib roast recipe you simply season it, do a simple calculation based on the size of the roast, bake it briefly on high heat, and lastly, (here’s where the trust and patience come in) turn your oven off and walk away for 2 hours. Totally serious. It’s that simple. And it works. But it is critical, you CAN NOT open the oven for any reason. Following the instructions, you will have a perfectly cooked medium-rare prime rib roast. You will doubt me, and be nervous, but believe me, this method works and the result is incredible. You will wow your holiday guests this year with this simple, delicious, crowd-pleaser. And note: the cute chive-tied haricots verts bundles are not required, but they make a nice accompaniment. Happy holidays to all!

Prime Rib Fun Facts

  • April 27th is National Prime Rib Day.
  • Prime rib’s marbling contributes to its juiciness and flavor.
  • The “prime” in prime rib refers to the origin of the cut and not the USDA grade.
  • The “fat cap” on top is the layer of fat on the meat that protects it while cooking and adds tons of flavor.
  • Restaurants have strayed away from offering prime rib on menus due to rising prices of wholesale rib roast
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