Strawberry Shortcake

I have been eating this type of cake for years without knowing exactly what it is. My go-to favorite cake has always been a lighter, less sweet version of the popular July 4th favorite, strawberry shortcake. But only recently did I learn of this lovely cake’s true origin. This strawberry shortcake is similar to a sponge saeng cream cake (생크림 케이크), otherwise known as a Korean fresh cream cake and for those who’ve never had it, it’s AMAZING.

strawberry shortcake

This popular Asian bakery-style birthday cake has soft and fluffy layers of cake, wrapped in light fresh unstabilized whipped cream frosting, which is then studded with plenty of fresh seasonal berries. The takeaway is the perfect cake for those who don’t have a huge sweet tooth but still want to enjoy a little dessert.

strawberry shortcake

Truthfully speaking, I’m what I’ve coined cake select. I love cake, but not all cakes equally. Because I’m more of a savory person, when I have cake, I want that cake to be great. And let’s face it, not all cakes are worth the calories. This, I can assure you, is a great cake.

strawberry shortcake

When you think about it, in the cake universe, there are almost too many choices. My biggest complaint is how overly sweet most cakes seem to be. So sweet in fact, that you can feel the sugar in your mouth when you eat it. I’m not a fan of that at all. Despite what many people think, cakes can be too sweet. And so can frosting… Don’t let the title fool you, this simple strawberry shortcake is one you will think you’ve had before, but chances are, you haven’t.

strawberry shortcake

This light fluffy sponge cake is airy, yet flavorful without clawing sweetness. The simple syrup keeps the cake layers moist but not soggy. Can I get a hallelujah?!?!?!  The fresh berries, at peak berry season, shine by themselves and the simple, slightly sweetened whipped cream frosting, is fresh and irresistible.

This lovely strawberry shortcake, or Korean fresh cream-style cake if you will, is a true keeper, even if you’re not an avid baker. An elegant and rather easy layer cake to pull together, that’s both forgiving and has fantastic curb appeal. What’s not to love? Trust me, this beauty will shine on holiday or not. So in the cake department, I’m going to rate this one close to perfect, the only downside is you need strawberry season to make it. But that said, it’s almost July, and this cake is exactly what I’ll be making for the fourth.

strawberry shortcake

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