The Ultimate Veggie Burger

It’s called “The Ultimate Veggie Burger” for a reason, not just for vegetarians.  It’s for anyone who loves a great veggie burger every once in a while, my husband included. Melissa Clark’s recipe for “The Ultimate Veggie Burger” was published in the New York Times a few years ago and I’m thankful to have found it.  Bon Appétit has since listed something very similar in their “Best Recipes,” and deservingly so.

veggie burger

This is sure to please almost anyone willing to try this burger alternative. It is, I will say, an involved recipe. Not hard, but there is a lengthy ingredient list that may at first glance create panic.  However, I have adapted it using a few shortcuts, making it more manageable. In fact, everything needed for this recipe I purchased at Trader Joe’s.  So don’t be too fearful.  It’s worth trying.

veggie burger

Veggie burgers themselves are not an easy thing to make. There are numerous recipes out there and tons of store-bought verities.  None are great options if you ask me.  And I’ve tried a bunch. Getting the texture and flavor balance correct is tricky; it’s actually a bit of a science.

This recipe works hard to combat the various issues with veggie burgers in general. Mushrooms, cooked properly to reduce moisture, help with the mushy factor commonly seen in veggie burgers. Black beans help create a crisp outer texture, allowing these burgers to be seared. Clark calls for “aggressive seasoning” to combat the blandness factor, and she nailed it. She omits the need for unusual proteins with frightening names that typically steer people away from ordering these types of burgers on restaurant menus. Instead, you find a well-balanced burger with a nice combination of nuts, vegetables, and grains, which allows for the hearty, satisfying aspect most people desire when eating a burger in the first place.

veggie burger

In terms of preparation, you can pan-sear or grill them, giving you further options.Add a lightly toasted brioche bun, some avocados, onion slices, and sprouts and you have a great healthier alternative to the all-American burger.

Note: Due to the somewhat complex process, I tend to double the batch when I make these and freeze them for future use. They hold up well in the freezer without losing flavor.

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Andrea Potischman

I am a professionally trained NYC chef turned CA mom and food blogger. I post about real food, with doable ingredient lists that are family friendly.

3 thoughts on "The Ultimate Veggie Burger"

  1. Avatar photo Sats says:

    Hi! It sounds delicious. What would be an alternative to cashews as we have an allergy?

    1. Hi there, thanks for reaching out. These are a true favorite. Instead of cashews, you could try using ground almonds or for a nut-free alternative, ground sunflower seeds would also probably work. Do reach back out and lmk if you try this recipe. Happy cooking.

  2. I hope you enjoy it, I truly love it. Let me know how it turns out.

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