Summer Fruit Popsicles

Summer really is a wonderful thing. We wait all year for it and thankfully it sticks around for a bit. Even living in California I appreciate Summer. After 11 years I have fully acclimated to warmer temperatures. Everyone said it would happen, but I never believed them. Now I do. I’m totally cold when it’s 65 degrees out. If it’s cloudy, forget about it, I’m freezing. It’s honestly a bit embarrassing to even admit, but it’s true. So, Summer in Northern California brings more consistent warmer temperatures with pleasant evenings as well. So with the heat comes the need for a cool, refreshing, and (because it’s Summer) fruity anytime treat—popsicles.


Nothing says Summer like a melting popsicle dripping down your hand encouraging you to eat it faster. Popsicles are perfect any time of day, a true childhood treat carried into adulthood. Having one makes me feel like a kid again and I’ll hold onto that feeling as long as I can. They can even be healthful if you choose to go that route. That was not my goal with these popsicles, my focus here was simply tasty and refreshing, but they do fall on the healthier side. I made two kinds of popsicles to appeal to both my kids: berry yogurt and coconut lime. If only make one flavor, be sure to double the recipe. Note, that the amount of popsicles you yield will vary a bit based on the size mold you use.

These recipes do require you to purchase a popsicle mold but trust me, it’s worth it and will potentially keep the kids busy through August. My berry pop utilizes the abundant fresh organic strawberries and raspberries available everywhere right now. Bursting with fruit flavor, they are ideal for popsicle making. To these, I added some low-fat vanilla Icelandic skyr, something I am obsessed with. Low in sugar, slightly tart in flavor, and loaded with protein, this makes for the perfect base to mix the fresh strawberry puree into. The result is a popsicle with a great tart flavor and a nice creamy texture.

popsiclesFor my coconut-lime pop I went lighter and loaded it with tart citrus flavor. Here, I used frozen limeade concentrate with coconut water. Simple and refreshing. This popsicle is guaranteed to cool you off any day, and it is hydrating to boot.  Popsicles are a great way to get in fluid on those blistery hot sunny days.

The technique for making both of these popsicles is the same, though the ingredients differ. Feel free to get creative here. As I mentioned above, you will need to invest in a study popsicle mold. I got mine on Amazon, and it’s great. Making these will take some planning, prep, and patience because they need to set overnight. But kids love making them, so it can be a great project!


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I am a professionally trained NYC chef turned CA mom and food blogger. I post about real food, with doable ingredient lists that are family friendly.

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